TOBIN, JAMES (1918 - 2002, Nobel Prize 1981).: Original, complete typescript of his comment on the 1982 'Economic Report of the President: The Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers'. With numerous handwritten corrections and additions. 19 leaves, white and yellow paper, signed. Impressive critique of the first year of the Reaganomic policy, written one year after Tobin had been awarded the Nobel Prize.

"The comment was to be published in a forthcoming issue of the 'Journal of Monetary Economics'. Tobin was, besides teaching and research at Harvard and Yale University, strongly involved in the public life, writing on current economic issues and working as an economic expert and policy consultant. During 1961-62, he himself had served as a member of John F. Kennedy's Council of Economic Advisors, then as a consultant between 1962-68. The 1982 report he comments here, was the first after Ronald Reagan's election and so was "the occasion for his advisers to expound in full detail the administration's economic strategy and its rationale" (Tobin, S. 1). "The 1982 Report is a manifesto of counter-revolution." (Tobin, S. 2). "The Report holds out little hope for fiscal policy as a tool of stabilization." (Tobin, S. 10). "No article of Reaganomic faith is more central than the proposition that the economic difficulties of recent years are due to the growth of the federal government." (Tobin, S. 14). Attached his signed, printed portrait and a signed letter concerning the typescript."
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