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CARTIER.: 'Internationally Renowned Jewellers Since 1847. Fifth Avenue and 52 Street New York 22, N.Y.' Small, richly illustrated catalogue with prices. Four pages with colored illustrations, otherwise illustrations in black and white. 16 p., 1953, printed in U.S.A. Printed wrappers in blue and white (edges somewhat rubbed, back cover with small tear), 15,2 x 18,4.

"Shows beautiful mid-century-style "gold gifts for ladies": necklaces, earclips, bracelets, watches, rings, pendants, clips, powder cases, lighters, "gold gifts for men": tie clip, bill clip, cigarette case, cuff links, knife, cigarette lighter, buckle, key chain, key ring, watches, "gifts in sterling silver": humidor, bon-bon dish, matchbox holder, ash trays, bowls, table lighter, cigarette urns, marmelade jar, pill box, sandwich tray, cordial cups, lily candlesticks, Golf club Martini spoon, double jigger, cocktail shaker, mustard pot, pepper shaker, vase, ice container, picture frame, rattle, child's brush and comb set, porringer, baby's cup, fork, spoon and pusher, "Cartier bags for day and evening wear": purse, handbag, evening bag and "Leather goods and novelties": letter opener, playing card case, magnifying glass, stud box, cigarette box etc. - Well preserved, rare catalogue with no browning or foxing."
Preis: 150 EUR